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Rubber Extrusion | EPDM Door & Window Gaskets

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    Product: EPDM Door & Window Gaskets

    Category: Rubber Extrusion

    The gaskets are extremely important factor in the overall performance of the window, doors. A great deal of attention ​is given at the design stage of any building and in the preparation of the product specification, to the performance and appearance  of the glass and aluminium elements

    EPDM Products are widely used in wood windows and doors, aluminium systems for windows, doors and facades, PVC windows and doors.

    We offer profiles from a comprehensive range of elastomer and thermoplastic materials including multi-component composite solutions.

    Supported by the polymer materials expertise available, we can offer a full range of materials, surface treatments and fabrication techniques to suit almost every environment and application.

    Using our extensive application knowledge coupled with state-of-the-art design and tooling technology, we can provide optimized sealing solutions to meet customer needs.

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