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Rubber Extrusion | EPDM Refrigerated Van Profiles

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    Product: EPDM Refrigerated Van Profiles

    Category: Rubber Extrusion

    Refrigerated vehicles require rear doors that are both airtight and easy to open and close. Keeping cool costs money. Generating cold air to maintain a constant temperature in refrigerated vehicles consumes considerable energy, the cost of which escalates if the refrigerated space is not airtight. The rear double doors are the vulnerable spot, as the door seals must fit together perfectly to prevent air leakage.

    The sealing solution provided by GRI is remarkable for its size, complex geometry, and technical precision. It consists of four different large EPDM profiles along with four different EPDM molded corners – the EPDM material is chosen because its long-term elasticity provides reliability over a long service life. The profiles are extruded and cut to length, and then joined with the corners using an over-molding process to form a rectangular frame for the inside of each door. All processing is carried out at the GRI facility in Dubai.

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